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Avalanche 2001
Complete Trivia

trivia i will keep adding on more

1 What newly transplanted team won its first stanley cup in 1996 ?

2 What Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player of the 1940's was nicknamed"the dipsy doodle dandy" ?

3 What canadien hockey great acutely observed:"Playing ing goal is like being shot at"?

4 Who played for three NHL teams in 1996,causing him to be dubbed "suitcase" by some hockey pundints?

What Washoington Capital goalie earned the nickname "Ace" and "net detective"?

5 What fiery former Canadien didn't last long as the first coach of the Quebec Nordiques?

6 What NHL saw its fans frisked for rats at the start of the 1996-97 season?

7 Who began intoning on Hockey Night In Canada in 1973?

8 Who is the youngest Vancouver Canuck to have scored 100 career points in the NHL?

9 How many inches wide is the blue line on the hockey rink?

10 Who was the first NHL player to havew his number retired by two teams?

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Trivia about the whole NHL!

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